30 March 2015 Augusta, GA Undular Bore/Undulatus Asperatus

An interesting set of gravity waves with undulatus asperatus from a decaying MCS over Augusta, GA.

10 May 2014 Climax, KS Supercells

One of the more beautiful supercell lapses captured, this set of scenes illustrates a couple of slow-moving "naked" supercells traversing the southeast Kansas landscape in May 2014. Shot by the very talented Stephen Locke.

29 August 2014 Kansas City Arcus Cloud

Master lapser Stephen Locke captured this beautiful shelf cloud from non-severe convection traversing Kansas City in August 2014.

6 September 2014 Catalonia, Spain Convection

Oscar van der Velde captured this lapse of a multicell complex in Castellgalí, Catalonia, Spain.

7 May 2014 Red River Supercell

VortexChasers.net provide this time-lapse of a nice supercell that traversed the Red River (of the south).